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5.2. Creating webpages with Google Sites

Using Google Sites to make a Faculty homepage

One of the benefits of our adoption of Google Apps for Education is the ability to create simple webpages through Google Sites.  These pages will not be stored on the Math server, but rather in the Google cloud.   You do not need to web or HTML knowledge to create a site. These instructions will walk you through creating a Faculty homepage using a template and Classic Google Sites. Of course you are free to create other kinds of websites using Google Sites. 

 You can find more instructions here:  

Go to sites.google. com and login with your Math email address and your Math password. Please click on Back to Classic Sites if you see that in the lower left corner.

  You will see this:

Click on the red Create button.  On the next page under Select a Template to Use, click on “Browse the gallery for more” Choose Faculty Info Page.

Name your site (most likely you will want to name it with your first and last name).  You do not need to change the location settings.

Click the red Create button at the top again.

You will see the template featuring Dr. Wilbur A. Math.  To edit the page, click on the pencil icon in the upper right:

Now you can type over Wilbur’s name and contact information with your own info.


To change Wilbur’s photo to your own, you must first delete him.  While in edit mode, click on Wilbur’s photo.  You will see a little toolbar pop up.  Click on the Remove to remove the link, then click on the X to remove his photo.

Click on Insert Menu and choose image.

  Click on the Upload Images button to upload a photo from your computer 

After you have selected and uploaded your photo from your computer, you will see it in the Add an Image box.  Click on it and select OK.  If the photo appears too big you can adjust the size with the S, M, L buttons on the little toolbar under the newly inserted photo.

Be sure to periodically click on the blue Save Button on the upper right.  

Now you can navigate to the other pages of the site, such as Publications and click on the Pencil tool and edit the text there.  You can also use the Add Files button at the bottom of the page to upload PDFs.


If you want to delete a page, go to the page in question, click on the gear icon and choose Delete Page

When you have finished editing, click on the Blue Share button. 


Click on Change...

Then choose On - Public on the web.

This allows viewing access for everyone. Click save.

Note that in addition to being available at the rather long URL of https://sites.google.com/a/math.arizona.edu/YOURSITENAME/    Users can alternatively type in websites.math.arizona.edu/YOURSITENAME   (Where YOURSITENAME is the name of your site. )

Finally, if you would like the Homepage link on the Math website directory to point to your Google Site (as seen below),  please contact us.

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