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1.8. I would like to place into a higher course. What should I do?

The Math Department has strict entrance requirements for our courses and does not waive them for any student.  You must qualify in order to take a Math course.  

Math Placement Levels have been created based on years of extensive student success/failure data. If you have a recent placement score (SAT, ACT, or PPL), this is likely the math level you are ready to succeed in. We do not recommend that students try to “cram and retest” to artificially place into a higher level. This can create a frustrating struggle, and possible failure, for your first year in college.

Take or retake the PPL Assessment:

If you feel that your scores truly do not reflect your current math knowledge, you can take, or retake, the Math Placement Assessment Test through your Next Steps Center, Math Placement area. Click here access to testing information and instructions.  https://www.math.arizona.edu/placement/freshman

Take a Summer Math course:

Some students take a summer math course to place higher for fall.  Consult your academic advisor if you are considering this option.  You can check to make sure you are taking the correct courses through our transfer guides or pre-approval form available here  https://www.math.arizona.edu/academics/placement/credits

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