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4.3. I have College Math Credit, how can I add the Next UA Math course?

To get credit for your college Math class or your AP, IB, CLEP, or other credit,  please do BOTH of these things:

If we don’t know about your credit, you will be blocked from registering for the next course.  

  1. Make sure you have sent an official college level transcript to UA or have sent your official test scores to UA.  Your high school transcript cannot be used for college credit.  

  1. Next, check to see if your transfer credit is in UAccess   You can check this a week before your orientation. 

Many college courses transfer automatically to UArizona. If you see a UA Math course number listed under Equivalent Course(Like Math 112, Math 120R, etc.), you now have credit for that UA course.  If you see 1TR or 3TR as the Equivalent Course, then you need to have your Math course evaluated. If you have not already sent your Official Transcript to the UA Registrar, please request this through your previous college. This is not provided through your High School.

If your credits are not in the UA system one week prior to your orientation, email a copy of your college level unofficial transcript to the  Math Placement Office.   Include your Student ID number (8 digits) and Orientation date. If you have questions about your next math course, please include that in the email. 

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