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3.7. My Math PPL Assessment Score

How can I see my score? - After you submit your last question in the test, you will immediately see your score in a large circle. That score will be loaded into the Next Steps Center within 12 hours. 


What does my score mean? - Your ALEKS PPL (Placement Assessment) score is used to place you into Math and some other UA courses. In the Next Steps Center, Math Placement area, you will see which courses you have placed into below the placement score chart once your score has been processed into the UA system.  


For all scores and courses, click the Math Placement Chart here.

You can see Math course descriptions here (link to About Freshman Level Math Courses). 

If you have questions about the courses you placed into, please talk to your advisor at orientation.  After orientation, if you still have questions,  contact the Math Placement Office 


How is my score calculated? - There are over 300 individual topics that can be assessed on the ALEKS PPL. In a relatively short period of time (60-90 minutes), ALEKS assesses exactly which of the topics the student has mastered, and which they have not. The final score is the percentage of the student's current knowledge of all possible topics. 


There is no passing grade, or failing grade!! Incoming student scores vary greatly, depending on the student’s mathematical background. Your score is simply a guide to place you into appropriate classes where you can be successful.

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