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2.2. Email Details

Members of the Math Department have two different email addresses - one from the Math Department and one from the University.

Math Department Email

University Email

<Math user name*>@math.arizona.edu


Gmail based

MS Outlook (faculty/staff)  or Gmail (students)

Access at:


Access at:

http://outlook.com/owa/email.arizona.edu (faculty/staff) 


http://catmail.arizona.edu (students)

Change password at:


Change password at:


Supported by:  Math IT Staff


Supported by:  UITS



Math Email Basic Facts:

  • You must have a network account.
  • Your e-mail address is:
  • Email can be accessed by going to gmail.math.arizona.edu.  Here you can get all your Google Apps in one place and you can change  many settings, including vacation messages, forwarding, and folders.
  • Log in using your full math email address and math password.
  • If your browser has remembered some other gmail account and  prefilled the information, simply click on "Add Account" or "Login as a  different user".

How to:


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