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2.9. Math 107 Course Description - Exploring and Understanding Data

Math 107 - Exploring and Understanding Data (3 credits)  UA ALEKS PPL score of 30-100%

Description: The main purpose of this course is to help students understand, interpret, and represent data in a useful way to prepare students for courses in statistics. The course will provide students with the knowledge of basic mathematical and software tools and concepts which they can utilize to interpret quantitative information they encounter in their daily life. With the knowledge they gain, students will be able to better understand and assess the validity of quantitative information they receive through the web, newspaper, television, etc. Course topics will include creating various data summaries and descriptive statistics, probability, normal distributions, linear and other regression models, applying techniques to real world data sets. Examinations are proctored.

Comments: Math 107 will serve as a prerequisite for SBS 200, PSYCH 230. It satisfies the math foundation requirement for these majors only: Care, Health & Society; Communication; Criminal Justice; Family Studies and Human Development; Geography; Government and Public Service; Information Science & Arts; Political Science; Psychology (BA); Public Management & Policy; Regional Development; and Sociology


Course website: https://math107.math.arizona.edu/ 



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