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2.21. Math 125 Course Description: Calculus I

MATH 125 - Calculus I (3 credits) UA ALEKS PPL score of 92-100% 

Description: An accelerated version of Math 122B. See description of Math 122B

Comments: Placement for this course is at a higher level than Math 122A/B due to its accelerated format. Any major indicating Math 125 as its math requirement will accept Math 122B. This course uses the same text and syllabus as Math 122B even though the words "with applications" are not used in its title. This course is for independent and highly motivated students. More work is done by the student outside of class than in Math 122A/B. Math 122A/B is the recommended sequence for first semester students. This course has a common final exam.


Course website: https://calculus.math.arizona.edu/



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