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2.19. Math 129 Course Description: Calculus II

MATH 129 -- Calculus II (3 units) Continuation of MATH 122B or MATH 125. 

Description: Techniques of symbolic and numerical integration, applications of the definite integral to geometry, physics, economics, and probability; differential equations from a numerical, graphical, and algebraic point of view; modeling using differential equations, approximations by Taylor series.

Comments: A graphing calculator is required for this course. We recommend the TI-83 or TI-84 models. Calculators that perform symbolic manipulations, such as the TI-89, NSpire CAS, or HP50g, cannot be used. Examinations are proctored. Students must complete UA Math 129 with a grade of C or higher to continue onto UA Math 223.  This course has a common final exam.

Course website: http://math.arizona.edu/~calc/m129.html

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