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1.9. Research-Related Updates and Opportunities

Relief for recipients and applicants of federal financial assistance: On March 19, the Office of Management & Budget (OMB) issued a memo to the heads of executive departments and federal agencies about their options to offer relief for recipients and applicants of federal financial assistance directly impacted by the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) due to loss of operations.  The memo, and the one that preceded it (March 9, 2020), allows federal agencies additional flexibility in working with grant recipients affected by loss of operational capacity due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn more about this here

Faculty should think about opportunities to communicate the value of research now:

SVPR Betsy Cantwell suggests faculty think about opportunities to communicate the value of research now, as attention may be drawn to university knowledge, expertise, guidance, to 

a) state officials

b) our own community

c) a generally worried general public. 

If there are examples of research relating to the ongoing crisis that we can convey (like, say, virus evolution, or epidemiology of pandemics, or mental well-being in times of crisis, or...) please communicate it to Stephanie Doster at RII (scdoster@arizona.edu) and CC Jenna Rutschman (jennarut@email.arizona.edu)

Project ideas ready for anticipated stimulus projects:

Kim Patten and RDS suggest that we start thinking about shovel-ready project ideas ready for anticipated stimulus projects (analogous to ARRA) that may emerge (e.g., digital readiness, other timely areas). PIs should consider talking with agency program managers to get ideas of the emerging landscape in this area, upcoming opportunities and directions, and how our strengths could help.

COVID-19 Research Coordination Group (RCG): The Office of Research Innovation and Impact (RII) has formed a COVID-19 Research Coordination Group (RCG) interested in pursuing research initiatives on coronavirus and/or assisting with state and local community efforts to prevent, contain, and/or surveil COVID-19. We want to encourage COS contributions to and involvement in this group, which is led by Jeff Burgess and Kim Patten. Please see here for more details.

Research Opportunities: Upcoming stimulus/recovery efforts are likely to include research opportunities (analogous to ARRA in 2009) that we need to start thinking about (e.g., digital readiness, epidemiology of epi/pandemics, psychological aspects of pandemics, or anything else that may relate, however tangentially, to the current situation, national recovery, jobs created, etc.). Kim Patten (RDS) and SVPR Betsy Cantwell are soliciting one-page summaries/proposals for shovel-ready projects that could be used to develop stimulus plans. Templates are available here and here (may need access to arizona.box.app.com to access). Submissions should be made through a portal (soon to be posted) in UA Competition Space.

Research Updates: (4/2/2020)

Arizona’s stay-at-home order requires that any on-site research activity be approved as essential by DHD, ADR, and RII. Please see SVPR Cantwell’s memo explaining the rationale and requirements for submission of an Essential Research Activities Waiver (deadline 5 pm Monday 6 April). Non-essential research activities that are not already suspended must be shutdown following Temporary Laboratory Closure procedures in Lab Work Plans by 8 April. Please direct questions to Pete Reiners (reiners@arizona.edu).

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