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1.20. Faculty Tenure Clock Delay

Faculty Affairs - Tenure Clock Delay

  • Last Friday (3/27) the formal guidance for tenure clock delays associated with COVID-19 were released by the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs. It can be found at this link https://facultyaffairs.arizona.edu/coronavirus-covid-19-information under the tab "COVID-19 Campus Mitigation Plan / Promotion and Clock Delay Guidelines” .  For any tenure-eligible or continuing-eligible faculty, there is a simple opt-in process for requesting a delay that can be accessed here https://facultyaffairs.arizona.edu/covid-19-clock-delay. Also included at this link is a list of helpful FAQs. There are some additional points about the clock delay that are summarized below. 
    • Any tenure-eligible or continuing eligible faculty can opt-in by June 30 even if they are not up for mandatory 3 yr or 6 yr reviews in 2020-2021. 
    • If a TE or CE faculty opts in but wants to keep their 3rd year review on the original schedule, they would still get the extra year for the 6 yr review; i.e., the 3rd year review could stay as is or float to the 4th year. 
    • If a TE or CE faculty did not take the opt-in by June 30 they could still request a COVID19 delay later on, but they would not be able to do it with the simple one-step opt-in process. The opt-in is only available until June 30, 2020. A later request would have to go through the standard formal process of request, and is subject to approvals at the departmental, college, and provost levels. In most cases the best advice would be to take the opt-in now, and if at a later time the faculty member sees no need for the delay they can proceed on the original tenure timeline without any problem.
    • Please note that the due dates listed in the March 27 guidance from the Vice Provost are the deadlines for the dossiers to leave the College and be submitted to the Provost. We are working on adjusting the due dates for submitting dossiers to the College in the Fall semester, but we're not there yet. 
    • When a faculty member requests a COVID19 tenure clock delay ( i.e. at https://facultyaffairs.arizona.edu/covid-19-clock-delay) , they will not receive an immediate confirmation. The confirmation will come at least 30 days after the request is made.

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