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1.22. Graduate College Update, Guidance About GA Hires, International Recruitment

Graduate College Update (3/30/2020)

  • There will be a forthcoming memo from the Graduate College regarding who can be hired in terms of in-state vs overseas Graduate Students TAs and RAs. 
  • The Graduate College encourages all departments to include a statement in their offer letters about allowing graduate students to delay their start to the spring semester, or even later.
  • Departments may want to also consider allowing students to start in March, since many international universities end their semester in January. 

Guidance Sent About GA hires and International Recruitment (3/31/2020)

Graduate Student Offer Approval Process for GTA/GRA (4/2/2020)

  • We recognize that the requested approvals for Graduate Students was confusing. The process for the COS is the following: 
    • Prepare a brief document showing the total number of offers that have been sent out to applicants, the total amount of funding already offered, the historical acceptance rate for your program, and the number of additional offers and associated funding amount that is planned for the coming weeks. This should be provided to us regardless of whether or not you have already sent out offers. Please send this to Kelly.

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