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3.4. 3 - Special Instructions in Examity

Keeping in mind that Examity proctors exams from all subjects, you will need to specify particular instructions for math exams. Standard testing rules are automatically implemented by Examity. Typical math-test-specific special instructions may include:

  • Graphing calculators are allowed (student must show the calculator to the camera). By checking the option to allow calculators, Examity assumes that is only a simple 4-function calculator. If you want to allow a scientific or graphing calculator, then you will need to specify that.  Graphing calculators bring up the other issue of allowable (non-CAS) models.  It is too much to expect the proctor to approve the model, but the students should definitely know what is allowed, and they should show the model to the camera so you have that on record.

  • If you checked "Scrap paper" on the additional rules, the proctor will make sure that the student is not working in a notebook and is not bringing in paper with notes.  The proctor will have the student show each page, individually, front and back, to the camera to ensure they are clean.  If you would like the student to rip up the scratch work after the exam to avoid sharing of notes between students, specify that here. ALTERNATIVELY: Students may use a whiteboard as scratch paper. This avoids the issue of having permanent notes that can be passed on to other students, but you must make sure the students understand what is allowed before they take the exam.  

  • Instructions can be marked "proctor only".  In doing so, these rules will not be read to the student, but the proctor has them there for their own benefit.  For example, you can have instructions that start with: "TROUBLESHOOTING (proctor only)..."

  • Academic Integrity language: Note that test scores are not finalized until the video of the exam has been reviewed, even if the score is already posted in D2L. Any suspicious behavior during the test is recorded and will be reported to the University of Arizona Dean of Students as a violation of the UA Code of Academic Integrity.

  • This should be standard practice but is always good to reiterate: "If a student disconnects from the proctor, the proctor must ask the student to complete a room and desk pan once re-connected to the session."

  • Give direction to both the student and the proctor for how the students should access the exam.  For example:

Even if what you write seems obvious, remember:

  • The proctor is not a part of the class and will not know how the students access the exam if the student requires help. You need to tell them.
  • The student is nervous already, as they are about to take a math test. One way to calm nerves is to be absolutely transparent about your expectations.

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