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3.5. Authentication and Proctoring Levels

Examity has different levels of authentication and proctoring. When you are making your preferences for your exam, you will choose which level you will require. Although the students are not currently paying for the exams, the university is. Naturally, as you increase the level of proctoring, you increase the price per exam.

Most math exams will be proctored at Level 2 or Level 3. It is recommended to proctor exams at Level 2, unless you find that there is a problem with Level 2.



Designed for lower stakes assessments and meeting accepted standards. Test-takers snap pictures of their ID and face, answer challenge questions and enter a biometric keystroke signature to verify identity.
This is for authentication purposes only. If you have students doing videos and you want to verify that the student in the video is the one on your roster, this is suitable. Free of charge to the university.


Live Authentication is best suited for tests that matter more. Level LA ensures an agreed-to understanding  of exam rules and “clean” test environment. Challenge questions, ID verifications, facial comparisons, keystroke analysis and full recordings help make this level our most reliable authentication.
Again, this is authentication only, but this does ensure a clean testing environment (at least for the time being).


Examity’s® fully automated proctoring solution. After auto-authentication is complete, Examity® captures audio, motion, and systemic changes to identify inappropriate behaviors.

This is the lowest level PROCTORING system. It begins with the auto-authentication, but then the whole session is recorded. Their software flags inappropriate behaviors, but it is up to the instructor to review the videos.


After live-authentication, each test is recorded from start to finish and is later viewed by a human, in its entirety, to ensure that no rules have been violated
The live-authentication ensures that all rules are understood and the testing area is clear.  Two humans are reviewing the videos, and the videos are flagged appropriately. This is the preferred level of proctoring.


After completing the live-authentication process, Examity® monitors the test-taker’s surroundings and entire desktop throughout the exam. This is considered the most secure approach within the online proctoring industry. An advantage to this level is that Examity® may comment and troubleshoot in real-time during the test.

This is the highest level of proctoring and should definitely be used for the final exam. This is, of course, the priciest option.

Try to use this level only if you have found a major issue with Level 2.

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