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3.8. Concerns: Time zones

The student sets their time zone with Examity when they set up their profile. This can and should be checked often. What this allows the student to do is view the respective testing windows in the time zone appropriate for where they are. There are several reasons why it may need to be updated:

  • They originally set up their profile for a test on campus, but they are now back home in another state
  • They originally set up their profile at home for an online class or for the math placement retest, but they are now on campus or in a new location
  • They originally set up their profile at the start of your class, but for Exam 2 they are on vacation in another state

If the student does not have the right time zone, it is possible that the student could miss their scheduled time with Examity and have to reschedule, which could cause complications if he was already at the end of the testing window.

Best Practices:

As part of your instructions FOR EACH EXAM, remind the student to check their Examity profile to make sure they still have the appropriate time zone indicated. It should be the time zone they are in, and not necessarily AZ because it is an AZ test.

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