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3.9. Giving student exception to take the exam outside the testing window

Sometimes students will need to take the exam later, due to work schedules, illness, or technology mishaps.  Rather than extending the test end date in Examity, you should give the student individual permission to take the exam outside the specified testing window.  To do so:

Email to support@examity.com and copy to Nina Obrien nobrien@examity.com
Subject: University of Arizona - Permission to schedule outside testing window

Message: I am giving permission for this student to test outside of window.
Name of student:
Specifics about the extension such as when it must be completed.

Students cannot schedule their exam through the online scheduling tool. They need to call directly to Examity Support at 855-392-6489, option 1. Sometimes you get a confirmation email from Examity, acknowledging that the student can now call in (but that has been infrequent lately): 

Thank you, Professor [professor's name].

[Student name]:

When you are ready to schedule, please contact Examity Support at 855-392-6489, option 1 or via the Live Chat link at the bottom of your Examity dashboard.  Please be sure to reference this email when you contact us.



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