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4.3. D2L Online Instructional Support

Both the university and the mathematics department provide various web-based resources that may be useful to instructors. Within the department, in addition to our core infrastructure of providing network accounts within which instructors can publish webpages, we maintain the current semester course listing, which can link each course to both university-hosted and instructor-hosted course-related webpages.

Below are brief descriptions of a few of the university-provided online instructional support systems. All of these systems are software, run by the university on dedicated university systems, that provide a web-based environment for instructors and students to share information relevant to a course. Some systems support discussion boards or blogs, and some even allow you to give quizzes online as well as maintain your grades online. A complete list of available University resources appears on the Office of Instruction and Assessment - For Faculty webpage.

For many of the university-provided systems (certainly for D2L), a link to your course site will automatically appear in your students' class schedules inside UAccess (which is the website students use to register for classes, pay tuition, view their course schedule, and see their grades).

D2L (Desire To Learn)

D2L was launched Spring 2005 to replace WebCT. The feature set is similar. Many math department instructors are using D2L. To learn more, or to get started creating your course site, please consult the information on the D2L Website.

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