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13.4. Classroom Information

You can get a preview of the classroom in which you are scheduled to teach by looking up the room at:


This website lists all rooms that are centrally scheduled on campus (so for example, classrooms in the Math or MTL buildings will not be listed, since the Math Dept schedules those room, not Room & Course Scheduling).

From the link above you will see: 

  • a link to each room (AME 202, e.g.)
  • the building name spelled out (Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, e.g.)
  • the seating capacity/occupancy
  • classification (Seminar, Lecture Hall, Classroom)
  • a short description of the configuration (fixed tablet armchairs, e.g.)

If you click on the link to the room you will get more details, including:

  • snapshot of what the room looks like from the student's perspective
  • snapshot of what the room looks like from the instructor's perspective
  • whether or not the classroom has Panopto capability
  • a list of all equipment and writing surfaces in the room.

For seating charts of the large lecture halls typically used in our common finals, please see our internal resource here

Remember, to reserve one of these centrally scheduled rooms, or a Math room, please use the Room Request Form.

NEW: To see a map to an individual room, use the Room Finder site at https://maps.arizona.edu/RoomFinder/

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