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16.1. Instructor Center: Downloading a Class Roster

You're getting ready for your first class, so you go to your UAccess Instructor Center to view and print the class roster.  However, you quickly realize that you cannot easily select the column of names and paste them into Excel.  Although the roster seems non-interactive, there is a way to download your roster:

Look for the little grid/spreadsheet icon above the word "Units".  When you mouse over it you will see "Download Enrolled Students Table to Excel".  When you click it, this dialogue box will appear:

The file will always download as "ps.xls".  You should rename them as you save them.

When you click OK, Excel should launch and you will have one more dialog box:

Click Yes, and your roster (complete with majors, SIDs, and other information contained on your Instructor Center) will populate in spreadsheet-format.

NOTE:  The UAccess Class Roster is always up-to-date.  There is no lag between students adding or dropping (though you may need to refresh your roster if you have had it open awhile).

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