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4.2. Honors Sections Offered

Honors Math Sections Offered

The Math Department offers a few honors courses/sections that count toward a mathematics or statistics & data science major: the Calculus sequence courses MATH 129 and MATH 223 may have special honors sections available. These honors math courses are available to highly motivated students with strong mathematical backgrounds. Acceptance to the Franke Honors College is not a requirement. Registration for each honors section is blocked until the Mathematics Department can verify student eligibility. Eligibility rules depend on:

  • Current UA Students - by nomination: Each semester, instructors of certain math courses are asked by the Mathematics Department to nominate unusually outstanding students for invitation to the honors section of certain math courses. Your instructor and/or the Mathematics Department will inform you if you are nominated, and will provide you with instructions to complete your registration.
  • Fall Incoming Freshmen - by placement: Since there is no opportunity for instructors to nominate students into their very first UA MATH course, other criteria can be used to determine honors eligibility for certain courses (usually a very high placement test score plus college credit for the prerequisite course, usually from an AP exam). Generally speaking, students are informed of their eligibility during New Student Orientation; plan to speak with a math placement advisor when available at your orientation program. Eligibility is for Fall first semester Freshmen only.

We also regularly offer an Honors section of MATH 323 in fall and spring semesters for students who have completed MATH 313 with a grade of A on their first attempt. Again, membership in the Franke Honors College is not required. The Math Center manually adds eligible students after 313 grades have posted; if you are interested in the honors section and have already completed MATH 313 with a grade of A, please let us know! mathcenter@math.arizona.edu 

In the past, we have tried to offer honors sections of MATH 313, but they have not gotten sufficient enrollment to run as honors sections.

Many of our honors students take Gen Ed courses designated for honors credit. Note that you can filter on Honors in the Class Search tool under Advanced Filters (Course Attribute = Honors Course, Course Attribute Value = Honors Course).

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