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7.12. Older Macintosh Math VPN Instructions

Using the GlobalProtect Agent for Older Macintosh Operating Systems

**NOTE:  If you are using the latest Mac OS (Sierra 10.12 or above), You will have to follow these alternative instructions:   VPN MacOS Sierra Instructions


The GlobalProtect agent is a software program that runs on your computer or mobile device, allowing you to access the Math network from anywhere in the world.

Download and Install the Agent - Older Macs only.  Newer Macs go here:   VPN MacOS Sierra Instructions

You will need the following information to connect to the Math GlobalProtect VPN:

Download and install the agent as follows:

  1. Log in to the GlobalProtect portal.
    Launch your web browser and go to: https://vpn.math.arizona.edu
    On the portal login page, enter your user Name and Password and then click Login.
  2. Download the Mac agent
    You should now have GlobalProtect.pkg in your Downloads folder. Double click on it and go through the installation wizard steps. The default settings are fine. You will end up on a settings screen:
    Type in your Math username and password. For Portal use vpn.math.arizona.edu
    Click on Apply and it will connect you to the the Math VPN.
  3.  Connecting and Disconnecting after installation
    You should now have an GlobalProtect icon towards the top right of your screen

    When you click on it, you will get a menu that allows you to connect or disconnect (depending on the current status)

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