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6.7. Remote Shell Access to Your Network Account

Our shell gateways, reachable worldwide from anywhere on the internet, provide text-only shell access to your network account. (Once on the gateway, you can also connect to other machines in our building network.)

You use ssh to connect to our shell gateways.SCP, and SFTP are also used to transfer files between your network account and other systems.

Your SSH program uses port 22 by default. You will need to set it to use port 31415 when you are not in a Math building. 

Please never run heavy-duty computations directly on the shell gateway. If you are running a compute job you should ssh or VNC to another machine (such as your office desktop, or the chivo cluster for graduate students)

Different ways to connect to the shell gateway:

Gateway authentication:

To verify that you are not being duped by a rogue gateway, the first time you try to connect you will be presented with the gateway's RSA or DSA key fingerprint. The correct fingerprints are:

dragon (RSA): ec:0d:8f:56:ff:60:cc:99:69:81:72:13:e8:c7:08:e2
dragon (RSA/Babble): xipod-ryzem-tefud-nevip-nudef-zinoc-mycyk-gucam-kohiz-pucam-boxex 
dragon (DSA): 8f:4c:ca:06:1c:85:91:6c:60:b5:1f:05:50:8c:69:f5 
dragon (DSA/Babble): xohon-nacyv-vivyb-tizuh-debem-narek-sipam-begin-fasys-zades-gaxux

phoenix (RSA): da:7d:51:4e:b9:32:72:e9:ce:65:a5:cf:25:02:56:69
phoenix (RSA/Babble): xifel-kobid-lyrur-zazod-topaz-doniz-vogyh-bubug-malip-lyfym-toxux
phoenix (DSA): f2:0a:b9:9e:3a:33:7a:cc:0e:ff:c6:18:97:70:b3:29
phoenix (DSA/Babble): xukit-nilor-sybyf-firyz-lonez-tored-teban-kuryd-suhez-davyf-luxix

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