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2.12. Can I drop back from Math 129 to Calculus I?

If you are struggling in Math 129 (Calculus II), it might be a good idea to drop back into Calculus I.

We recommend that you try to enroll in Math 122A/B.  


We do not suggest dropping back into Math 125, an accelerated course in Calculus I. However, if you meet the requirements for Math 125 (an ALEKS PPL Math placement score of 92-100%), you may make this change via UAccess within the first week.


If you are switching courses after UAccess registration has closed, you will need to get the permission of the instructor for the course you are adding (Calculus I). If they are willing/able to add you, they will provide you a Math Dept yellow permission form. They cannot sign a university Change of Schedule form. Bring the yellow permission form to Math room 108 to process the change. 


Please contact the Math Office Staff in Math 108 if you need assistance.


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