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Courses and Instructors

1. General Information

1.1. Math Main Office Location and Hours

Mathematics Building
617 N. Santa Rita Ave.

The Math Main Office is Room 108, on the first floor of the Math Building and is open from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday.



1.2. Final Exams - Locations and Schedules


The Math Department administers Common Final Exams for the following classes:  Math 107, 112, 116, 120R, 122A, 122B, 125, 129, 223

Room assignments for Common Exams can be found at

Room assignments are not posted until a week or two prior to the date of the exam.


Final Exam dates and times can be found by going to the Registrar's Final Exams webpage and selecting the appropriate semester.

  • For Common finals, click on the Common Final Exam Schedule.
  • For all other classes, find your class days (eg MWF or TR) and time. This will show the Final Exam schedule for your class. These final exams will then be given in the normal room that your class has met in all semester.



1.3. Final Exams - Where can I find exam study aids for a course with a common final?

1.4. Posting of Instructors


Instructors for Math Courses will be posted on UAccess and outside Mathematics Room 108, typically during finals week. Upper level courses are usually posted on the window across from Room 108 approximately one month before finals. UAccess will show instructors as "Staff" until after they are posted outside Room 108.

Please note that all postings of instructors are TENTATIVE until the class actually begins.  Therefore, you should be selecting your class based on time rather than by instructor.  There is never a guarantee that a specific instructor will teach a specific section, as emergencies can always spring up, forcing us to rearrange the teaching assignments.



1.5. Math Teaching Lab (MTL)

MTL rooms 120, 121, 123 and 124 are located just south of the Math Building in the Math Teaching Lab. Classrooms are used for instruction as well as free tutoring:

  • Math 129, 163, 223, and 263 tutoring - MTL 121
  • Math 302A, 302B tutoring - MTL 123

(All other Math Department tutoring information can be found at

1.6. Which Calculators Can We Use in UA Math Classes or when taking the ALEKS PPL Assessment?

Any non-graphing scientific calculator may be used for the ALEKS PPL test and most classes. Certain graphing calculators are also allowed for the PPL test (and highly recommended or required for some courses).


Calculators that perform symbolic manipulations (such as the TI-89 or TI-92 or TI-Nspire CAS) cannot be used for the PPL or in courses at or below the Calc II level (Stats excluded). Below is a guide to which calculators are generally acceptable, and which ones are definitely not acceptable. Click here to skip down to the unaccepted models. It is always a good idea to also refer to your course syllabus and/or ask your instructor. 


There are many different models of graphing calculators out there.  If you do not see your model listed here and you are unsure if it is approved for use in a UA Math course, please send a clear picture of the calculator to

Acceptable Calculators:


TI-36X Pro

(Preferred calculator for MATH 107)

Note that ANY non-graphing scientific calculator may be used for the ALEKS PPL assessment, which includes but is not limited to the

  • TI-30Xa
  • TI-30XS
  • TI-30XIIS
  • Casio fx-300ES Plus
  • Casio fx-83GT X ("CLASSWIZ")
  • Casio fx-991ES Plus
  • Casio fx-991EX "CLASSWIZ"

TI-83, TI-83 Plus

TI-84 Plus, TI-84 Plus Silver Edition, TI-84 Plus C Silver 

Edition, TI-84 Plus CE, TI-84 Plus CE with Python

TI-Nspire CX and TI-Nspire CX II


This is not to be confused with the TI-Nspire CX CAS pictured 

below.  CAS is not allowed.  


The two calculators look identical except for the “CAS” printed 

in the upper right hand corner of the CAS version.



These are getting hard to find, and harder to find someone who 

can help you with it.


TI-81 and TI-82 have more in common with the TI-83 than with 

the TI-85, but are probably  just as hard to find.  Both of these 

models are also acceptable.



This model is more advanced than TI-85, but TI-86 has been 

discontinued.  It is still an  acceptable calculator to use, but 

again, familiarity with the model may be hard to find.   

Casio Graph 35+E, Calculatrice graphique Graph 35+E II 

Most instructors will be far more familiar with TI calculators than

Casio calculators, so help with these calculators may be hard 

to find.  However, they are still acceptable.

Casio fx-9750GII, fx-9750GIII, fx-9750G PLUS

Most instructors will be far more familiar with TI calculators than

Casio calculators, so help with these calculators may be hard 

to find.  However, they are still acceptable.

Casio fx-9860GII

Most instructors will be far more familiar with TI calculators than

Casio calculators, so help with these calculators may be hard 

to find.  However, they are still acceptable.

Casio fx-7400GII

Most instructors will be far more familiar with TI calculators than

Casio calculators, so help with these calculators may be hard 

to find.  However, they are still acceptable.

Casio PRIZM fx-CG10, fx-CG50

CATIGA CS-121, CS-183, CS-229
 HP 48 series

Includes the following models: HP 48S, HP 48SX, HP 48G, 
HP 48GX, HP 48G+


Calculators that are NOT allowed in UA Math classes or while taking the UA ALEKS PPL test:



TI-Nspire CX CAS

Not allowed due to symbolic manipulation capabilities


(CAS = computer algebra system)

TI-89, TI-89 Titanium

Not allowed due to symbolic manipulation capabilities.


Not allowed due to symbolic manipulation capabilities.

Casio ClassPad II fx-CP400

Not allowed due to symbolic manipulation capabilities.

Casio ClassPad 330 PLUS

Not allowed due to symbolic manipulation capabilities.


Not allowed due to symbolic manipulation capabilities.

HP Prime Graphing Calculator

Not allowed due to symbolic manipulation capabilities.

HP 49/50 series

Includes the following models: HP 49G, HP 49G+, HP 48II, HP 50G

(Note the HP 48II is actually part of the 49 series, not 48 series)

Not allowed due to symbolic manipulation capabilities.


1.7. GRO (Grade Replacement Opportunity)


Grade Replacement Opportunity (GRO) offers students the ability to replace grades of C, D, and E by repeating the course.  Only the grade from the repeat attempt will be used to calculate the grade point average.

GRO requests can be submitted through UAccess Student during filing periods.  Please see GRO Filing Deadlines and all other information on the Registrar's GRO webpage.


Steps for filing GRO requests:

  1. Register for the repeated course
  2. During the GRO filing period (usually on the first day of classes), go to UAccess Student, click on Enrollment, click on Grade Replacement Opportunity
  3. Read and accept the GRO Policy terms
  4. Complete the GRO request

The link above will also guide you through the process with UAccess screencaptures.


1.8. I need a tutor for a math class.

In general, we suggest that students take advantage of these free tutoring services on campus first. 

  • Math 100 See the Math 100 staff in Math Room 102, Monday-Thursday, 9:30am - 5:00pm and Friday, 10:00am - 2:00pm
  • Calculus I and below (Math 100/107/108/112/113/116/120R/122A/122B/125/163/263): Tutoring is available at the Think Tank.  See for locations and times
  • Calculus II and Vector Calculus (Math 129/223): Tutoring is available via Zoom throughout the week. View a schedule of the tutors and times at  (note that tutors with an asterisk (*) by their name can tutor Statistics)
  • Math for Elementary Ed Teachers (Math 302A/302B): Contact your instructor. 
  • Differential Equations (Math 254): Please refer to your class syllabus for office hours and help sessions specifically designated for this class


Math Department tutoring information can be found at



If you want a private tutor, the Center for the Recruitment and Retention of Mathematics Teachers, which is affiliated with the Math Department, maintains a list of private tutors who have completed a tutoring course offered through the department. You can find the list at Scroll down to the College Tutor list.


1.9. When is graduation? (College of Science)

Math and SDS majors take part in the College of Science graduation ceremony. Information about the ceremony can be found at


Eligible students should get RSVP information emailed to their UA email address around the time the RSVP opens


2. Registration Information

2.1. Math Courses - Descriptions and Information

Each major at the UA has a specific math requirement. In order to register for a math course, you must satisfy the course's prerequisite and eligibility criteria. Students can meet the eligibility requirements for UA Math courses through Math Department approved prerequisite course work, completed generally within the last 2 years, or through the  PPL Assessment (Math Placement Test). The PPL Assessment is for entry into courses at or below the level of Calculus I.  Incoming first year students can qualify through recent SAT I MSS (Math) or ACT Math scores.  

2.2. Waitlists

The Math Department does not maintain waitlists for any of our courses.  You will need to continue to check UAccess for an open seat. If, on the first day of class, you have not acquired a seat in your desired section, you may contact the instructor and request their permission to add you.

Please note that instructors will generally wait for UAccess to close to registration (usually 8 days after the start of the semester) before they add additional students.  However, it is not a bad idea to start talking with instructors.

2.3. Prerequisites taken at UA over Winter/Summer

As soon as you are registered for the prerequisite course at the University of Arizona for Winter or Summer, you should be able to register for the subsequent course for the following semester.  


Note: The timing is important!

Summer registration usually opens at the beginning of Priority Registration for Fall (after Spring Break).  You can register for your Summer course then. By the time of your Priority Registration week for Fall courses, you should already be registered for your Summer course, and can then register for the subsequent Fall course.

Winter registration usually opens AFTER Priority registration for Spring.  This means that you will need to wait until Winter open registration to 1) register for the Winter prerequisite class, then 2) register for the Spring class.


2.4. Prerequisites taken at another institution

In order to guarantee that a course will transfer, courses taken outside of Arizona need to be pre-approved using the Math Transfer Credit Approval Form.  Arizona courses may also need to be evaluated if they do not appear on the Arizona Course Equivalency Guide.  We do not start course evaluations for summer until the end of March.


If you are taking a class below the level of Calculus I at another institution, you will need to complete the course BEFORE you are able to register for the subsequent course at the U of A.  To be cleared to register for the subsequent UA course, please provide documentation showing successful completion of the prerequisite course. Once your grade has posted, email with a PDF of your unofficial transcript or a screenshot from your student portal that includes in a single picture:

  •  your full name 
  • the name of the institution
  • the course name and course number
  • the semester it was taken 
  • and your final course grade 

Be sure to include your UA student ID number when you send the email.


If you are taking Calculus I or higher this summer at another institution, you will still need to provide proof of successful completion to before the start of your UA class, but you will be able to register for the subsequent UA Fall course by June 1st.


2.5. Math 125 Registration

Most students take Math 122A/B to satisfy Calculus I.

Math 125 is an accelerated Calculus I course, meeting only 3 days a week in class (rather than 5 days a week for Math 122A/B).  Students should have some experience with Calculus, and are expected to learn more independently. Because this class has less face-time with instructors in class, we require a higher placement level.


In order to register for Math 125, you must have a current placement score of UA ALEKS PPL 92-100%

To check your current placement score, see


Transfer credit for Calculus I does not make you eligible for Math 125.  You must take the ALEKS placement exam and place into Math 125 with a score of 92% or higher.  


2.6. Enrollment in a Full Class

Prior to the start of the semester:

We are not able to add students to sections that are full. The Math Dept does not have waitlists. Please continue to check the UAccess online registration system for an available seat. Availability can change. Students can use UAccess Student to add courses through the first week of class.


First week of the semester:

The Math Department Staff are not able to add students to sections that are full. The department policy is this:

Students should be trying to add classes via UAccess, before it closes down to registration (typically 1 week into the semester). Instructors generally do not add students prior to this time.  Once UAccess closes, and an instructor has physical space in their classroom, they may choose to add more students.  Note that the instructor is not obligated to add anyone to their class. 

In the meantime, please keep checking UAccess.  We often see a lot of movement in classes during the first week.


2.7. Math 122B Registration

Math 122B requires enrollment of Math 122A in the same semester (or a previously recorded grade of C or better in 122A).  Try adding Math 122A first before adding Math 122B.


Math 122A prerequisites are either:

  • Sufficient Math Placement score (UA ALEKS PPL score of 75-100%)      OR
  • Completion of Math 120R (Pre-Calculus) with a grade of C or better


Transfer credit for the prerequisite courses may suffice.  Please review the transfer credit information at


To check your current placement score, go to and log in with your NetID and password.

2.8. Math 116 Registration

Math 116 has several prerequisites:


ONE of :

  • MIS 111 (Management Information Systems) OR 
  • ABE 120 (Agric & Biosystems Engin)




ONE of:

  • Sufficient math placement score (ALEKS PPL 60-100%)  OR
  • Completion of UA Math 112


Typical reasons for not being able to enroll:

  • The student's math placement score has expired. Placement scores are valid for one year. To check your current math placement score and date, please go to
  • Student is registered in MIS 111 or ABE 120 in the same intended semester as Math 116 (MIS 111/ABE 120 must be completed BEFORE Math 116 begins.)
  • Student is taking a similar class to MIS 111 at another institution while trying to enroll in Math 116 for the following semester. (We need to see an unofficial transcript showing completion of the course before you can enroll in UA Math 116.)


2.9. Unable to Enroll, UAccess Gives Me an Error Message

If you are receiving a "Requisites Not Met" error message:

  1. UAccess looks at the first time you received credit for the prerequisite course.  For example, if you took the prerequisite course more than once, and did not achieve a sufficient prerequisite grade the first time, UAccess may be "reading" your old, lower grade.  Email, as our staff can add a note so UAccess will recognize your prerequisite credit.
  2. Your prerequisite transfer course may be too old. If your prerequisite class was taken at another institution, and is more than 3 semesters ago, the material is outdated, and you may be required to take the ALEKS PPL placement exam. If you end up testing below the level you were expecting, you should contact for advising.
  3. UAccess may not be recognizing your prerequisite transfer course. If your prerequisite class was taken at another institution, the system may not be recognizing it correctly.  Email, so our staff can evaluate your credit, and note UAccess if appropriate.


You might also have a hold on your account, as shown by a negative service indicator (red circle with a slash through it) in the upper right-hand corner of your UAccess screen. Click on the red circle icon to see which hold it it is.


If you believe you are eligible for a class and still cannot enroll, please contact the Math Placement Office.


2.10. Permission Numbers

The Math Department does not use permission numbers, but you should not need one. 


Under these circumstances, department permission is required to enroll:

  • Trying to add Math 100.  Math 100 is part of the Schedule for Success program, and you must be enrolled in the program to register for Math 100.  Email to enroll in the program.  
  • Trying to add any class via UAccess after it has closed down for adding classes (typically 8 days after the start of the semester).  To add a class after this time, please see the instructor of the class you wish to add, and obtain a signed Math Department yellow permission form.  (Instructors will not sign a Change of Schedule form.)


2.11. I am retaking a course, but I am not able to register for it. Why?

Possible problems:

  1. If you had placed directly into the class previously, it could be that your placement score has already expired. Placement scores are valid for one year only. If you are GROing the course, we can add you into the course without having you re-test. Contact the Academic Office here
  2. You are limited by University policy to only three attempts at a math class. This includes failed attempts as well as terms where you received a grade of W. If you wish to attempt it a 4th time, you will need to request an exception to the university repeat policy.  

    Your first steps:

    1. Email , requesting a Course Repeat Exception
    2. When you receive a confirmation email, set up an appointment with your academic advisor (they will be CC'd on the confirmation email)
    3. Meet with your academic advisor to discuss options and complete the email prompts.
    4. If it is decided that repeating the course is the best option, reply to your confirmation email.

We will process the request approximately 2 weeks before the intended term begins. We submit an online form requesting the exception, and then your graduation services advisor will email you when you are cleared to register for the course. Once you receive that notification, it is up to you to enroll in the course via UAccess.

Please submit the online form (from Step 1) now  to begin the process.


2.12. Can I drop back from Math 129 to Calculus I?

If you are struggling in Math 129 (Calculus II), it might be a good idea to drop back into Calculus I.

We recommend that you try to enroll in Math 122A/B.  


We do not suggest dropping back into Math 125, an accelerated course in Calculus I. However, if you meet the requirements for Math 125 (an ALEKS PPL Math placement score of 92-100%), you may make this change via UAccess within the first week.


If you are switching courses after UAccess registration has closed, you will need to get the permission of the instructor for the course you are adding (Calculus I). If they are willing/able to add you, they will provide you a Math Dept yellow permission form. They cannot sign a university Change of Schedule form. Bring the yellow permission form to Math room 108 to process the change. 


Please contact the Math Office Staff in Math 108 if you need assistance.


2.13. When I try to add a class via UAccess, it tells me I have a hold. What does that mean?

There are several reasons why a student might see a registration hold (that is, a hold which prevents a student from adding any more classes):


  • Bursar's Hold: Usually this is due to a past-due balance. Student should contact the Bursar's office immediately at (520) 621-3232 to try to settle the account and have the hold removed.
  • Immunization Hold: Student Health will put a hold on registration if you have not shown proof of current immunizations. Student should contact Campus Health or more information.
  • Mandatory Advising Hold: Academic Advisors may place registration holds if they want the student to meet with their advisor prior to registration. Student should contact their academic advisor ASAP. They can usually find their academic advisor's name in UAccess, on the panel on the right-hand side.
  • Dean of Students Hold: Contact the Dean of Students Office at (520) 621-7057 or go to their website here. 
  • Residence Life - Overdue Sanctions:If you have any questions regarding the overdue sanction process, please call Residence Life at 520-626-6015.


Registration holds usually only affect adding or swapping classes. Students should still be able to drop classes. 


2.14. Why can't I add my math class during Priority Registration?


If you receive an error message when trying to enroll, please read the message carefully. This may explain why you cannot add the course.


Unit Limit : You may have reached the 19-unit maximum set by your college.


Holds: You may have a hold on your record


Prerequisites: You may be missing the prerequisite course. If you believe you took the prerequisite, click here.


If you still feel that you should be able to enroll in a course, but are not able to, please contact




2.15. How do I drop a class? What will this look like on my transcript?


Dates and Deadlines:  The procedure for dropping a class will depend on how far into the class you are.  Be sure to check the posted Dates and Deadlines for your class on the Registrar's Dates and Deadlines webpage.  If you are in a 5 week, 7 week, or other length course that does not meet for a full semester, note that there are separate pages linked from above for those classes.


Beginning of term:  Prior to the "Last day to drop without a grade of W", official withdrawal (drop) of a course cancels the registration for the course. The course will not appear on the student's transcript and no grade is assigned. For Regular Semester classes, this generally falls about two weeks into the semester. For shorter term classes, see the Registrar's Dates & Deadlines for last date to drop without a W.

Students may drop a course in UAccess Student:

  • Log in to 
  • click Enrollment
  • choose Add/Drop/Swap Classes
  • select the class(es) you wish to drop  

No approval is needed, though it is a good idea to check with your advisor if you are not sure if the drop may affect your progress toward your degree.  Check with the Financial Aid Office if your aid status may be impacted.  


W period:  Between the "Last day to drop without a grade of W" and the "Last day for students to withdraw from a class online through UAccess",  students may use UAccess Student to withdraw from a course (the procedure is the same as above, but a message will appear to warn you that a penalty grade of W will be awarded). For Regular Semester classes, this is generally between weeks three through ten (see Dates & Deadlines for shorter terms).

No approval is needed, but we recommend that you speak with your advisor if you are unsure of how the withdrawal may impact your progress.  Check with the Financial Aid Office if your aid may be affected.

The grade of W is awarded regardless of whether the student is passing at the time of withdrawal.  The W will appear on the student's transcript.  A grade of W does not affect the GPA, but students are limited to 18 units of W grades (see below).


Late change:  After the "Last day for students to withdraw from a class online through UAccess", the grade of W can be awarded only with the approval of the student's instructor and academic dean, and only under exceptional circumstances. Students with extenuating circumstances must file a Late Change Petition with their college for permission to drop a course, and such petitions are only available through the thirteenth week of the semester. For Regular Semester classes, this generally falls from the 10th week of classes through the end of the 13th week (see Dates & Deadlines for shorter terms).  The college must submit any approved Late Change Petitions to the Registrar before the final exam period.


W Grade Unit Maximum:  The number of undergraduate course withdrawals (drops) cannot exceed 18 units during the student's undergraduate career.   The 18-unit maximum applies to all courses dropped with a W grade.  The W grade is awarded for all withdrawals between the first and final withdrawal deadlines--from the third week through the thirteenth week of a regular semester (including those awarded for administrative drops or for approved Late Change Petitions).


2.16. I'm in Math 100 right now. Why can't I add my next math class?

Enrollment in Math 100 is not a prerequisite for any math class. We use the final exam for Math 100 to place you into your next math class. You must take your final exam and score sufficiently high to place into your next math class.  


Final exam/placement scores are loaded into the system within 3-5 business days of taking the final exam. You will be able to register for the Math class you are eligible for once your score is posted to the system.  You can check the status of your posting at (if your Math 100 score is posted, you'll see an MCLG score, and approximate date of your final exam).


2.17. I am taking/have taken Math 113/116, but now I need Math 122A/B for my new major. How can I get into it?

Students may either re-take the PPL Placement Assessment to try test directly into Math 122A, or they may take Math 120R (Pre-Calculus). The prerequisite for Calculus I (Math 122A/B) is a grade of C or better in Math 120R (Pre-Calculus).


Math 113/116 is Brief Calculus (essentially Calculus-without-the-Trig).  By taking Math 113/116, a student has demonstrated mastery of College Algebra. However, these students are missing the trigonometry component. Even if a student does test directly into Math 122A/B, they may benefit from taking Math 120R first, to make sure they have a solid review of trig before going into Math 122A/B.


2.18. Can I take a math class at Pima and have it count for full-time status at the UA?

Please see  for more information about a consortium agreement.