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2.1. Before you Travel

Before any travel occurs a Travel Authorization Form must be completed and submitted to the Mathematics Business Office at least 5 business days prior to the start of domestic travel and 30 days in advance of International travel.  Official University travel includes, but is not limited to travel for: conferences, research, sabbatical, partnership collaboration and development. This policy does not apply to personal travel.

A Travel Authorization Form is required for anyone traveling on University business, even if you are not planning to request reimbursement through the UA.

You can access the Travel Authorization form by clicking here (must be on UA Network or VPN). 

NOTE: The Travel Authorization Form has a unique identifying "T" number which can be found in the top right corner of the form.  Please use a new form for each trip.

You can complete the Travel Authorization Form online and email it as a pdf to the Math Business office at The Math Business Office will initiate and complete the electronic routing of the form to the University's Travel Office for approval.

Note: Your signature is not required on the form unless you are requesting a travel advance. 

The Mathematics Business Office is open Monday - Friday from 8:00 am -5:00 pm except for holidays observed by the University of Arizona.

Additional Steps Required for International Travel

For International Travel you must also complete the University International Travel Registry as you will be required to provide the International Travel Registry number on the travel authorization form. If you are visiting a country which has a travel warning in effect you must also complete the Supplemental Travel Authorization Form as part of the International Travel Registry. All forms must be submitted to the Mathematics Business Office 30 days in advance of your international travel or prior to purchasing any airfare for your travel.

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