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4.5. I have college math credit. What course can I take next?

Note that high school dual enrollment credit does not guarantee you are ready for the next UA Math course. You should review the final exam study guides to make sure you are ready.  

UA Math credit

Next Course if recent credit
Recommended review
Math 107,  Understanding Data
SBS 200, Math 302A

Math 112, College Algebra

Courses listed above and 

Math 113, 116 (after MIS 111), 120R, 119A, 163

MCB 181L/R, CHEM 141/151, PHYS 102, other courses 

Review UA Math 112 https://math112.math.arizona.edu/
Math 120R, Precalculus
Courses listed above and Math 122A/B
Review UA Math 120R https://calculus.math.arizona.edu/math120r
Math 122B or Math 125, Calculus I
Math 129, 163, 263
Review UA Math 122B/125 https://calculus.math.arizona.edu/calc1/math122b
Math 129, Calculus II
Math 223, Math 254, Math 313
Review UA Math 129 (https://calculus.math.arizona.edu/math129
Other Math credit
Consult your advisor

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