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2.9. Troubleshooting- I am having trouble taking the PPL Assessment

If you are having trouble using Respondus Monitor to take the PPL Assessment (Math Placement Test): 

Check these first

  • Turn off popup blockers
  • Follow the steps in the Respondus Quick Guide.
  • You must use a PC or MAC computer or Chromebook.
  • If you cannot get Respondus Monitor to work, you may need to try using a different computer.

If you are having connectivity issues, you may need to

  • Connect to the internet with an ethernet cord instead of using wifi
  • Test from a different location with better internet service

If you are disconnected from the test, you must resume testing as soon as possible. Go back to the testing link.  Your 3 hour time limit is still counting down! Complete the steps below immediately.

More Respondus Troubleshooting

You can also contact the Math Placement Office.

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