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11.1. High Performance Computing

High Performance Computing

Chivo Machines

If you wish to execute long-running compute jobs, the Mathematics Department provides remotely accessible systems dedicated to this purpose, known as "Chivos." (Since they are named "chivo" and chivo1 through chivo4).

Math software packages are installed on these machines. The Chivos can be accessed from within the math building directly via vnc or ssh, or from outside the math building via Math VPN and then vnc or ssh. They can also be accessed  from outside the math building via a Remote ssh access servers (i.e. Phoenix).

The Chivos have Xeon processors and 8 - 32 GB RAM. You can execute jobs via VNC or shell commands. Please read our support page on how to run jobs remotely and in the background. The machines are named:

  • chivo.math.arizona.edu (fastest! has 32G ram)
  • chivo1.math.arizona.edu (8G ram)
  • chivo2.math.arizona.edu  (8 G ram) (currently unavailable)
  • chivo3.math.arizona.edu (8 G ram)
  • chivo4.math.arizona.edu (8 G ram)

UITS High-Performance Research Computing

UITS provides more powerful resources for high-performance research computing. For more information, visit https://public.confluence.arizona.edu/display/UAHPC/HPC+Documentation

User guide:  https://docs.hpc.arizona.edu/display/UAHPC/User+Guide

Powerpoint presentation from Tools You Can Use 2/20/18

Consultants are available!  https://docs.hpc.arizona.edu/display/UAHPC/Getting+Help

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