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4.13. Is my transfer or AP (or other) credit in the UA system?

1. Go to Uaccess Student, Student Center.  

2. Go to the Academic Record Tab

3. Go to Transfer Credit



4.  Any transfer credits posted in the UA system will appear here and may look something like this.  



If credit transfers as Math 1tr or Math 3tr and is NOT Intermediate Algebra and is more than 2.5 units, then the course needs an evaluation :


Intermediate algebra courses transfer as math elective credit if they are from 2008 -present.  These do not need an evaluation.

Beginning algebra, Intro to Algebra, Pre-Algebra, Basic Math, and similar courses are non-credit and do not need an evaluation. 


Some courses look like they are a partially elective credit like the one below, but these do not require an evaluation (a 1 or 2 credit Math 1tr does not need an evaluation). The course below transferred as Math 120R (4 units) and Math 1tr 1-unit.  This sometimes happens when a course has more units that the UA version.  


AP and other credit by exam appears here as well.  


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