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1.12. How do I drop a class? What will this look like on my transcript?

Dates and Deadlines:  The procedure for dropping a class will depend on how far into the class you are.  Be sure to check the posted Dates and Deadlines for your class on the Registrar's page:  http://registrar.arizona.edu/courses/dates-deadlines .  If you are in a 5 week, 7 week, or other length course that does not meet for a full semester, note that there are separate pages linked from above for those classes.

Beginning of term:  Prior to the end of the second week of classes in regular semesters, official withdrawal (drop) of a course cancels the registration for the course. The course will not appear on the student's transcript (no grade is assigned). (For shorter terms, see Dates & Deadlines (link is external for last date to drop without a W.) Students may drop a course in UAccess Student:

  • Log in to uaccess.arizona.edu 
  • click Enrollment
  • choose Add/Drop/Swap Classes
  • select the class(es) you wish to drop  

No approval is needed, though it is a good idea to check with your advisor if you are not sure if the drop may affect your progress toward your degree.  Check with the Financial Aid Office if your aid status may be impacted.  

W period:  During weeks three through ten in regular semesters (see Dates & Deadlines (link is external) for shorter terms), students may use UAccess Student to withdraw from a course (the procedure is the same as above, but a message will appear to warn you that a penalty grade of W will be awarded).

No approval is needed, but we recommend that you speak with your advisor if you are unsure of how the withdrawal may impact your progress.  Check with the Financial Aid Office if your aid may be affected.

The grade of W is awarded regardless of whether the student is passing at the time of withdrawal.  The W will appear on the student's transcript.  A grade of W does not affect the GPA, but students are limited to 18 units of W grades (see below).

Late change:  After the tenth week of classes, the grade of W can be awarded only with the approval of the student's instructor and academic dean, and only under exceptional circumstances. Students with extenuating circumstances must file a Late Change Petition with their college for permission to drop a course, and such petitions are only available through the thirteenth week of the semester. The end of the 13th week is the student's final course-withdrawal (drop) deadline.  The college must submit any approved Late Change Petitions to the Registrar before the final exam period.

W Grade Unit Maximum:  The number of undergraduate course withdrawals (drops) cannot exceed 18 units during the student's undergraduate career.   The 18-unit maximum applies to all courses dropped with a W grade.  The W grade is awarded for all withdrawals between the first and final withdrawal deadlines--from the third week through the thirteenth week of a regular semester (including those awarded for administrative drops or for approved Late Change Petitions).

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