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3.10. I am retaking a course, but I am not able to register for it. Why?

Possible problems:

  1. If you had placed directly into the class on your first attempt, it could be that your placement score has already expired. Placement scores are valid for one year only. If you are GROing the course, we can add you into the course without having you re-test, but realize that you have now been at least a semester without math, and you should take responsibility to review the prerequisite material.
  2. You are limited by University policy to only three attempts at a math class. This includes failed attempts as well as terms where you received a grade of W. If you wish to attempt it a 4th time, you will need to request an exception to the university repeat policy.  

    Your first steps:

    1. Complete form at http://min.math.arizona.edu/academics/repeatexception
    2. When you receive email confirmation, set up an appointment with your academic advisor (they will be CC'd on the confirmation email)
    3. Meet with your academic advisor to discuss options using this form.
    4. If it is decided that repeating the course is the best option, return the form to room 108 of the Math building.

We will process the request approximately 2 weeks before the intended term begins. We submit an online form requesting the exception, and then your graduation services advisor will email you when you are cleared to register for the course. Once you receive that notification, it is up to you to enroll in the course via UAccess.

Please submit the online form (from Step 1) now  to begin the process.

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