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1.4. If I am taking a leave or sabbatical, what do I need to do?

CONTACT: Please inform the Business Office (Rm 117, 626-7989) in writing of your mailing address, e-mail address, and any other contact information in case we need to get in touch with you while you are away.


OFFICE: Due to the shortage of space and the fact that we hire replacements for persons away for a semester or more, we will need to assign a visitor to your office. You will need to clear the top of your desk, lock your file cabinets, and if possible leave room on a shelf or two. Please inform Alejandra Gaona [Math 109 (Dept Head Office), (520) 621-2868, agaona@math.arizona.edu] of the dates of your absence. Exceptions may be made if you do not plan to leave the University during this time but you still need to contact us. If you return at any time during this period, we may be able to find a temporary office for you if needed.


MAIL: First Class business mail can be forwarded to you in the United States. All other mail will be collected and held for your return. Arrangements should be made for personal mail to be collected and handled externally to the Department. Mail cannot be forwarded to foreign locations. It must be packaged and re-addressed for new postage charges. Please contact the Business Office at businessoffice@math.arizona.edu to make payment arrangements for this and other international shipments.


EXPENSES: If you are traveling on a grant or local funds during this time, please complete a Travel Authorization Form in the Business Office (Rm 117) prior to leaving. On your return, we will process appropriate reimbursements.


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