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2.13. I finished all of my degree requirements; when do I get my diploma?

First, has your Degree Audit Worksheet (DAW) been completed and submitted?  You will not receive a diploma unless your degree check has been completed so Graduation Services can verify that all requirements are met. Email the Math Center if you need assistance with the process. 

Graduation Services advisors post degrees after all UA course grades have been submitted and all transcripts have been received from other institutions.  You may check the schedule for posting degrees to determine the approximate date when your diploma will be ordered.

Diplomas are normally ordered once a week from the Michael Sutter Company in Utah.  You should expect your diploma approximately two to three weeks after your degree is posted.  Please do not directly contact the Michael Sutter Company regarding your diploma.  There are no express services available for diplomas.

You should first check your cumulative profile in UAccess Student to make sure that your degree has been awarded.  If it has been three weeks from the award date, then undergraduate students may contact Graduation Services Advisor and graduate students may contact the Graduate College.  They will be able to tell you the status of your diploma.

The University of Arizona has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to provide enrollment and degree verifications.  Students may also order an official copy of their transcript to verify a degree.

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