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2.6. What kind of computer should I get if I am a Math or SDS major?

There is no one preferred computer for Math or SDS majors. Students (and faculty/staff) may use Windows, macOS, or even Linux. 

Note that our UAWiFi does not currently work with some Chromebooks (as of Summer 2019).

Many courses will expect students to have access to Microsoft Office products (e.g. Word, Excel) or compatible programs. The university provides free software licenses for Microsoft Office, among other programs, to current students. Courses in the Math Department may require students to access free software including MATLAB, R, Python, and LaTeX. SDS majors needing to work with large data sets will be able to access campus computing resources.

Some UA Colleges/Departments have their own technology requirements; students who will have an additional major should check for specific standards when purchasing technology. For example:

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