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6.6. MATH 475B changes for 2020-21 and beyond

Due to a combination of low demand for the past 10 years and budget pressures, the Math Department has decided to discontinue MATH 475B after this semester, spring 2020. (There are currently only 8 students in the class.)

We will still offer MATH 475A going forward, and have approved some alternatives to MATH 475B for students who may have planned to complete the MATH 475A/475B sequence, which is part of the Applied and Computer Science emphases:

Applied emphasis - choose

MATH 475A + one from {MATH 413, 424, 443, 445, 447, 454, 456, 464} 

CS emphasis - choose

MATH 475A + one from {MATH 422, 424, 454, 456, 464, 485} 

These options will not appear in current advisement reports, so the Math Center will need to make substitutions for students. Please email mathcenter@math.arizona.edu when you enroll in the second course for the "sequence" as listed above, and we will make the adjustment for you.


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