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3.2. Where can I view the requirements for a math minor?

If you have already declared a math minor, the best place to look is your advisement report in UAccess (see the My Academics link on the left side of the page in your Student Center).  Your advisement report shows all of the requirements for your degree, including your minor requirements. 

The University offers two different minors in mathematics:

Each requires at least 18 units of coursework in mathematics (a minimum of 3 units must be taken at UA, and at least 6 units must come from specified upper-division offerings in MATH). Note that while the Mathematics Minor is available to everyone*, the Mathematics Teaching Minor is available only to secondary education teaching majors.

For minor requirements, see http://math.arizona.edu/academics/undergrads/majors#minor

We also maintain an archive of requirements from past catalogs, accessible from the page above.  Note that students by default are typically placed into the catalog that was in place when they entered the U of A.  However, students have the option to select a newer catalog if they wish, up until the degree is completed.

*Students majoring in mathematics may not declare the mathematics minor within the same degree program.  It must be in a separate degree. 

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