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12.7. I need to apply to graduate in Spring or Summer.

STEP 1: File for degree candidacy in UAccess. Details for completing this process are here: https://it.arizona.edu/sites/default/files/ApplyforGraduation.pdf 

STEP 2: In order to complete the second step (filling out the degree audit worksheet), you must talk with your math faculty advisor.

  • If math/SDS is your primary or only major in a degree, then request your Degree Audit Worksheet (DAW) from Nellie via email to the Math Center at  mathcenter@math.arizona.edu .
    • If another major is listed first, before your math/SDS major, then contact the advisor for that major to start the process.
  • If you are not sure who your math/SDS faculty advisor is: 1. Check through your email; all math and SDS majors were sent a message around the end of September with this information; it may be in a junk/spam folder.  2. ask Nellie for this information when you email mathcenter@math.arizona.edu to request your DAW.  Your math/SDS faculty advisor is unfortunately not listed in your UAccess account.
  • Nellie will help you through the process and can answer any questions regarding the next steps to ensure your degree will be awarded.
  • Your math/SDS faculty advisor approves just your math/SDS major.  


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