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13.1. Holiday Calendars/Semester on a Page

Important Registration Deadlines and Religious Holidays

for regular semester courses (Aug. 24 - Dec 9) and dynamically dated courses (such as Math 122A/B, 120R, 196L).

These are shown using Google calendar (with instructions to add this calendar to your own Google account at the bottom of the page) as well as a downloadable PDF for each.

Please note that some of the religious holidays start at sundown on the day before it is listed in the calendar, so if you have a late afternoon class, this may affect some students.

If you see any errors, please send an email to juliesoulvie@math.arizona.edu.

** If you cannot see these calendars below, try using Google Chrome **

Regular Semester Calendar - Fall 2020 (Aug 24  Dec 09)

Semester on a page Fall20 - Regular [PDF]


Dynamically Dated Semester Calendar - Fall 2020

Semester on a page Fall20 - Dynamic [PDF]



Want to add these Google Calendars to your own Google account?

Log in to your math account at http://calendar.google.com.  You should see above your list of "My Calendars" a space to add a coworker's calendar: 

Where it says "Add a coworker's calendar", paste in the following for each of the calendars above:

Regular Semester Calendar: math.arizona.edu_cpt3batkelgpao5392o8u25lvo@group.calendar.google.com

Dynamically Dated Calendar: math.arizona.edu_u301n266t1nn6urugahv04vd0s@group.calendar.google.com

CLICK HERE for the 7 week course calendar.

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