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13.3. Lecture Hall Seating Charts

Here are the seating arrangements for many of the usual large lecture halls that we use for common exams.  Below each image you can download both a PDF of the seating chart or an Excel file.

More classrooms will be added so keep checking back. 

If you find any discrepancies, please send an email to ekstrom@math.arizona.edu. Please attach a description of what changes need to be made, and bonus points if you include pictures!  Also email if you have a suggestion for a lecture hall that you'd like in chart form.

BIOE_100 (pdf)

BIOE_100 (.xlsx)

CESL_102 (pdf)

CESL_102 (.xlsx)

CESL_103 (pdf)

CESL_103 (.xlsx)

CHEM_111 (pdf)

CHEM_111 (.xlsx)

CHEM_134 (pdf)

CHEM_134 (.xlsx)

CHVEZ_110 (pdf)

CHVEZ_110 (.xlsx)

CHVEZ_111 (pdf)

CHVEZ_111 (.xlsx)

ENR2_N120 (updated 9/7/18) (pdf)

ENR2_N120 (updated 9/7/18) (.xlsx)

HARV_150 (updated 9/6/18) (pdf)

HARV_150 (updated 9/6/18) (.xlsx)

ILC_120 (pdf)

ILC_120 (.xlsx)

ILC_130 (pdf)

ILC_130 (.xlsx)

KOFL_204 (pdf)

KOFL_204 (.xlsx)


KOFL_218 (pdf)

KOFL_218 (.xlsx)

MCLND_207 (pdf)

MCLND_207 (.xlsx)

MLNG_350 (pdf)

MLNG_350 (.xlsx)


PAS_201 (updated 9/7/18) (pdf)

PAS_201 (updated 9/7/18) (.xlsx)

SO_N210 (pdf)

SO_N210 (.xlsx)

SSCI_100 (updated 9/6/18) (pdf)

SSCI_100 (updated 9/6/18) (.xls)

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