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5.12. Math 122A

MATH 122A –Functions for Calculus (1 unit) 

Description: Elementary functions, their properties, and uses in modeling. This is a 3.5 week course where students will work with applying prerequisite concepts to the standard transcendental functions, pulling them into the mechanics, approach, and conceptual understanding of what is required for Calculus. A graphing calculator is required for this course. 

Placement Level: ALEKS PPL score of 75-100% ,  SAT I MSS 660-800, ACT MATH 28-36 , or UA Math 120R (grade of C or higher) required.  Test scores expire after one year.

If my scores are lower than the Placement Level:  Math 100, then Math 112, then Math 120R (grade of C or higher), then Math 122A

Comments: Enroll in both Math 122A and 122B prior to the start of the semester.  Students must complete this course with a grade of C or higher to continue on to Math 122B.  Students who do not successfully complete Math 122A with a C or higher after the first 3.5 weeks enrolled in Math 122A will be administratively switched to Math 120R.

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