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4.11. I have CLEP Math credit:



UA Math awards college level credit for the following CLEP exams:

CLEP Exam Name

Required Minimum Score

UA Math credit

Next Course if recent credit

College Algebra


Math 112

Math 113, 116 (after MIS 111), 120R, 119A, 163



Math 120R

Math 113, 116, 122A/B, 119A, 163

Calculus with Elementary Functions


Math 125

Math 129, 163, 263

No credit is given for the College Mathematics CLEP Exam.


What do I need to do to add the next UA Math course based on my Math credit? See this article:  https://ua-math-dept.helpspot.com/placement/index.php?pg=kb.page&id=112

If you haven’t already, send an Official Score Report to the UA Registrar through the College Board CLEP Program site. This is not provided through your High School.

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