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4.12. I have Math credit for the Cambridge International Examination:

UA Math awards college level credit for the following Cambridge exams:

Cambridge Exam Name

Required Minimum Score

UA Math course 


Mathematics AS-Level

E or better

Math 112

3 units

Mathematics A-Level

E or better

Math 120R & Math 113 

7 units

Mathematics Further A-Level

E or better

Math 163, 125, & 129

9 units


If you have credit below Calculus (AS-Level or A-Level credit), you must still have a Placement Score: Incoming Freshmen to UA must have a Math Placement score, even if they also have college credit.  Your placement into your first UA Math course will be based on your placement score.

If you do not have an SAT, ACT, or PPL (Math Placement Assessment) score, please take the PPL Placement Assessment 

If you have an ACT/SAT score and want to improve your placement, take the PPL Placement Assessment (link to assessment FAQ). 

What do I need to do to add the next UA Math course based on my Math credit?  See this article:  https://ua-math-dept.helpspot.com/placement/index.php?pg=kb.page&id=112

If you haven’t already, send an Official Score Report to the UA Registrar through the Cambridge International Examination Program site. This is not provided through your High School.

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