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3.2. Should I take the PPL Assessment?

If your Next Steps Center Math message recommends testing, please take the Assessment (link to testing instructions).

Testing will be recommended if:

  • you currently have no placement level

  • your SAT/ACT scores place you below the level of your major math requirement

  • you have college level transfer credit, or credit by exam, below the level of Calculus

Testing cannot hurt your placement level. Your Math course will be based on your highest placement score.

Students should test at least one week prior to their orientation date, if possible.  However, tests completed prior to orientation will be processed in time for course registration. 

If you still have questions, email contact the Math Placement Office

If you have transfer credit, go to https://ua-math-dept.helpspot.com/placement/index.php?pg=kb.chapter&id=24

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