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2.4. Study/Prepare- How can I study and prepare before the PPL Assessment?

Test Topics

Below is a list of possible topics that may be covered in the Math Placement test. Note that not all students will see all topics. The PPL Assessment is an adaptive program that will present a variety of questions to narrow down the topics you have mastered. 

Topics covered:

  • Real numbers (including fractions, integers, and percentages)
  • Equations and inequalities (including linear equations, linear inequalities, systems of linear equations, and quadratic equations)
  • Linear and quadratic functions (including graphs and functions, linear functions, and parabolas), exponents and polynomials (including integer exponents, polynomial arithmetic, factoring, and polynomial equations), rational expressions (including rational equations and rational functions.
  • Radical expressions (including higher roots and rational exponents)
  • Exponentials and logarithms (including function compositions and inverse functions, properties of logarithms, and logarithmic equations)
  • Geometry and trigonometry (including perimeter, area, and volume, coordinate geometry, trigonometric functions, and identities and equations)

A more detailed list of topics is available through the PPL website.

General Review for the PPL Assessment:

Review after you have completed the PPL Assessment: Once you have taken the PPL Assessment, you have can improve your knowledge in a Prep and Learning Module for review. You can access it through the Math Placement section of your  Next Steps Center or through the PPL Assessment information page.

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