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5.20. Phil 110 - Logic and Critical Thinking (3 credits)

Description: Students will develop rational thinking skills through a combination of theory and practice. They will discuss good and bad thinking habits, learning to apply the former and to avoid the latter. This class includes an introduction to truth-tables and rules of inference in symbolic logic. The aim is to improve students' capacity for rational reasoning, question widely held beliefs, resist empty rhetoric and propaganda, distinguish relevant from irrelevant considerations, and construct sound arguments. PHIL 110 satisfies the math requirement for some majors.

Placement Level: No placement level or score required. 

Comments: Can only be used for certain majors with a General Strand Math foundation requirement. If a student places into Math 100 and their major requires only a General Strand Math, they should take this or Ling 123. This course is not a prerequisite to any UA Math course.

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