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5.21. Ling 123 - Introduction to Mathematical Approaches to Language (3 credits)

Description: This introductory course will work through concepts like set theory, basic logic, and formal language theory from the ground up to help explore and understand differences like these, which occur in our language (and any other) every day. The notions we will use are very rich and powerful, but are really intuitive and easy to work with. The course is an excellent opportunity to explore powerful tools that have mathematical power and precision (but with virtually no numbers!) to model accessible and intriguing data in the language domain. LING 123 satisfies the math requirement for some majors.

Placement Level: No placement level or score required. 

Comments: Can only be used for  certain majors with a General Strand Math foundation requirement. If a student places into Math 100 and their major requires only a General Strand Math, they should take this or Phil 110.This course is not a prerequisite to any UA Math course. 

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