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12.2. I am taking a winter course and I need to drop it.

Winter Session Classes and Schedule Changes
Winter session dates and deadlines, including deadlines for paying tuition, getting a refund, filing for GRO, and withdrawing from courses is found here: https://registrar.arizona.edu/dates-and-deadlines 

    • Contact the Summer/Winter Office for questions.
    • LATE DROPS or SCHEDULE CHANGES after the posted deadline: If you need to make a schedule change (i.e. withdrawal or other change after UAccess is no longer available for these requests):
      • Use the Online Change of Schedule Request through the Registrar’s office: https://www.registrar.arizona.edu/cos
      • Your request will get routed to your professor as well as the College of Science for approval. The Registrar’s Office will notify you if your request is approved.
        Note: Please avoid waiting until the last day of the course to request a change, as the procedure involves a few steps that take time for processing!


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